I started sharing a poem a day on Facebook on December 2, 2013.  My last day in the #PoemADay Series is #200.  On day #201, I began a new chapter of #CreateEveryDay, which includes poetry, but also includes other creative projects, including art, music, video, blog posts and articles that I share daily. Scroll down to see #PoemADay posts.

The first 100 poems in the #PoemADay series are in “Muh Boots Haz Rainbows:  #PoemADay  Days 1 – 100” an Amazon International Bestseller in Poetry, American Poetry & #1 International Bestseller in Women’s Poetry.

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#PoemADay – Day 57

#PoemADay – Day 57 I long to ache For words That form in your heart Rise up your throat Fall from your lips Touch my ears With rich Deep caresses I need to miss your voice To long for it I yearn to dive Into the depths Of the divine Feminine Still Silent Sweet Sustaining To simply be One With All That Is And I will then return To this place Of “separation” To ache for Your words again © Juliet L. Ea
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#PoemADay – Day 37 – Digital Dating Land

 #PoemADay – Day 37 Song lyrics inspired by online dating adventures I had. This song will have a country/bluegrassy feel to it when it is recorded. Hope you enjoy it! Digital Dating Land I’m not sure who that girl is That you thought of when you thought of me So sure she’d fall in love with you And you two would end up happily You saw twenty of my pictures And read how I describe myself We had two
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#PoemADay – Day 13

#PoemADay – Day 13 Piedmont Park Sunday afternoon at the Arts Festival wandering wondering in curiosity tall people with long hair in ponytails throw Frisbees – I want to too sitting in Her lap seeing plays dozing into daydreams standing on sawdust looking at big boards above my head He points at some pictures and says they are his I know; I saw him paint them She carries Diane and we go to the children&#
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#PoemADay – Day 73

#PoemADay – Day 73 There is this something electricity lurking in the wax of a silent candle There is this something gentle protagonist breathing in the air between us There is this something deafening silence of whispered thunderbolts There is this something coaxing my heart to listen © Juliet L. Easton 1985 This is a poem that is in my first poetry book, “Muh Boots Haz Rainbows: #PoemADay Day – 100” which lau
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#PoemADay – Day 25 – Embrace

#PoemADay – Day 25 Embrace They stood unwavering in the stillness of the morning oblivious to my presence They reached with outstretched limbs to comfort each other in an embrace older than I Their roots, once entwined, now separated by the concrete on which I walked They never spoke of their sadness with audible voices, but I could feel their sorrow in the stillness of the morning © Juliet L. Easton 7/18/1984
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#PoemADay – Day 85

#PoemADay – Day 85 It is the act of putting pen to paper that inspires the muse to dance © Juliet L. Easton 2/20/2013 3:50 PM This is a poem that is in my first poetry book, “Muh Boots Haz Rainbows: #PoemADay Day – 100” which launched Thursday July 24, 2014. There are some cool bonuses if you buy the book during the launch party from Thursday 7/24 – Sunday 7/27.. More info on the bonuses and the book in the Fac
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#PoemADay – Day 8 – Life

#PoemADay – Day 8 Life Life is not rational, orderly, and neat Life is a waterfall churning its beat Life is not planned, prepared, and thought out Life is the heartbeat of a dance without doubt You can rationalize all you want But when you start living, you’ll live with your heart Mere existence is static, safe, and routine But life is organic and wild, yet serene Existence will give us the comfort we cr
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#Poem A Day – Day 45

#PoemADay – Day 45 When my oldest child, Laurel, was two-years-old, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was the size of a tennis ball inside her tiny head. Luckily it was not malignant and was able to be removed with a six hour surgery. She had a 10 day recovery in the hospital. It was during that ten days that I began writing the lyrics below. Castles of Sand If you think you’ve got your life all pl
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#PoemADay – Day 50

#PoemADay – Day 50 Electricity I walked out under a baby crescent moon And stretched my arms out to the sky I thought about my visions and my dreams of days gone by And how they’re coming to pass in my life now -CHORUS- I can feel it in my bones… It’s time to turn the tides back now I can feel it in my feet as I walk on the ground I can feel it in my heart as I dance out under the stars Can yo
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