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Juliet EastonI write songs, sing, play drums & percussion and bass guitar. I also write poetry, am working on a couple of books, and just published my first book, a series of my poetry. I’m a serial entrepreneur who likes creating businesses, but not managing them.

I love taking photos from unusual perspectives.  I’m working on recording an album with Michael Paumgardhen as The Noise of We.

I LOVE dancing! And I love incorporating elements of martial arts, yoga, & gymnastics into dance. I’ve studied ballet, jazz, tap, modern, and improv (which is my favorite.) I’ve studied Tai Chi, Tai Kwon Do, Yoga (Hatha & Kundalini,) Sufi meditation, & lots & lots of breathwork. I want to learn salsa, tango, and other ballroom dances. That’s on my to do list (with a few items in front.) I incorporate a lot of this into my practice, Creative Movement Meditation.

I’m eternally grateful to have three wonderful adult children who help me realize every day that I must have done something right as a mom.  And as of 9/22/13, I’m a grandmom!!!!

I have a BFA in Art and a Masters in Public Administration with a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Organizations from the University of Georgia.

I love to connect with people via social networking, so if you would like to connect… my social networking links are on the top & bottom right of my site.

I have an article on Klout and Authentic Authority that was published in Wall Street Select.

StrengthsFinder 2.0 top 5 Strengths:  Ideation, Strategic, Futuristic, Input, Activator
EOS: Visionary – 100; Integrator – 6

Here is a list of my current projects:

My Paleo Wrap, Salad & Side Catering Business:

My Ninja ArtWear Clothing Line:

My marketing agency:

My poetry book:
“Muh Boots Haz Rainbows: #PoemADay – Day 1 – 100” on Amazon.com

Music to help children sleep & adults relax:

The Noise of We, my music project with Michael Paumgardhen: 

Our company, Noise of We Productions, LLC on Facebook: 

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