Branding & Web Development Portfolio

For all these projects, I created the Brand Concepts, Brand Names, Taglines, and Logo Concepts & worked with various designers on logo development. I worked on website development with the assistance of humans far more talented than me in web dev for most of these projects.

Site images are clickable if there is a website for the project.

Balanced Beast Foods, LLC is a the parent company for a food product line for entrepreneurs, athletes, and others who live in beast mode. Fuel to keep the body going without rollercoaster blood sugar and caffeine crashes. No website has yet been developed for this project. is a Paleo Wrap, Salad and Side catering/food delivery business based in Vancouver, WA. Launched in December 2017. I developed this website completely by myself, except for a quick coding error fix that I outsourced to a developer on Fiverr for $10.
Hempnola is grain-free granola alternative launching in Spring 2018. Site still in development. All site development done by me thus far. Logo was developed by a designer under my direction.

Be bold. Be a Ninja.

Ninja Artwear is a clothing line featuring edgy fashion for bold fashionistas, extreme sports afficinados, and those who want to stand out in any crowd. Developed on Shopify using a customized version of BeStore theme, with the assistance of a developer on UpWork under my direction.

I also designed all of the clothing on this site. It has integrations with three different print-on-demand companies.

Badass.Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that needs a project manager. A team of freelance badasses with strengths in video production, distribution, & advertising, copywriting, website development & security, app development, social network advertising, podcasting, publishing, content repurposing & distribution, and much more!

Site still in development.

UnderDonkey is the BadAss.Marketing brand for smaller companies. And our pivot due to the word Badass triggering spam filters. Site still in development.
My Own Hero’s Journey is a project that will launch in few years. It is a membership site that empowers members on their own hero’s journey. Think Udemy + Facebook for Personal Development and Dream Empowerment. Site still in development. I did most of the development on this project and had some assistance with custom coding to intergrate all the components, including DAP, which isn’t currently functional on the site. There are also a few coding errors.
Book It Write Now is a Podcast for Authors that hasn’t yet launched. No website yet, just a placeholder WordPress installation.
  Creative Movement Meditation is a practice combining Sufi breathwork with meditative movement. I designed this logo completely and had a designer clean up the edges. This is a super basic one page saleletter site that I designed.
The Noise of We is a music project. Website is a basic placeholder site until more recording is done. I oversaw site development by a Virtual Assistant. I also oversaw logo development.
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