If you need copy that converts to sales, I can help as long as you meet this criteria:

  • You are a honest, ethical human being
  • You are providing a product or service that truly helps those in your market
  • You are not in a MLM company or in the MMO (Make Money Online) or IM (Internet Marketing) niche

Client Testimonial

Past sales copy for my own projects has included long-form sales copy, short copy (PPC, headlines, and taglines,) and multi-page (up to 30 pages) educational copy. In 2002, I was generating  PPC (pay per click) CTR (click through rates ) of 8 Р14% that converted to sales in a niche where the average CTR was 4 Р6%. One site of a single nutritional product priced at $27.97 produced sales of $70,000/month in that same time period.

In late 2002, I trained with master copywriters Gary Halbert and John Carlton at a three-day limited attendance workshop in Scottsdale, AZ. Some examples of my recent and older work are below.

I have only recently begun doing work for clients. I will not work with many clients at one time because I also have my own projects I am continuing to work on at this time.

Copywriting Examples of Work

Recent Copy

Amazon Product Listing – Nutritional Supplement:

I updated the headline, changed the bullets and the product description for the client. I don’t have info from them on how much conversions increased, but they are still using my copy since they tested it in early August 2016, so it must have beat their control.

Amazon Nutritional Product Listing

Longform Sales Letter for the Parenting Niche (needs updating):

Child of the Light – Dream Whispers

Opt-in copy for white paper guide for a client:

Optin for White Paper in Medical Industry

White paper guide for client with goal of setting appointment for assessment:

White Paper in Medical Industry

Article in Wall Street Select on Klout and Authentic Authority:

Wall Street Select

Press Release on Book Launch:

Santa Fe News Online

Consulting Services with goal of setting appointment for free consultation:

Own Your Authority – Book It Write Now

Sales letter for Personal Development niche service

Creative Movement Meditation

Old Copy from

Nutritional Products Niche – long form sales letter that produced $70K per month at that time

Coral Express – educational copy – soft sell

CleansingHerbs – educational copy – soft sell


Personal Development/Passion/Purpose Niche

Perceptual SuperSizing

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